Your Say

Your Say

As your Federal Member, Steven’s job is to represent you.

He understands that many people have concerns but are often unsure how to approach their local MP.

Steven is always keen to help. He wants the system to work for people, not against them. Some of the ways Steven can assist you are:

  • Listening to your views and priorities for our community and our country
  • Answering questions about Federal Government policies and program
  • Putting you in touch with the Federal Department relevant to your concerns
  • Representing your case and views directly in discussions with Federal Government Ministers
  • Advising you about issues and legislation debated in Federal Parliament
  • Helping you to have your say

If you are unsure who to approach about your problem, Steven will be able to point you in the right direction.


Please number (from 1 to 4 - 1 being most important and 4 being least important) the four issues that concern you the most.

Building a stronger economy
 1 2 3 4
Tackling Crime in our community
 1 2 3 4
Securing Australia’s borders and tackling terrorism
 1 2 3 4
Creating local jobs
 1 2 3 4
Reducing cost-of-living
 1 2 3 4
Improving health care
 1 2 3 4
Support for local education
 1 2 3 4
Improving and building new roads
 1 2 3 4
Supporting small business
 1 2 3 4
Protecting our local environment
 1 2 3 4
Energy security/cost
 1 2 3 4
Transforming health
 1 2 3 4


Have living costs put greater pressure on the family budget in the past year?
 Yes No
How concerned are you about the prospect of a carbon tax being reintroduced?
 Very concerned Somewhat concerned Not concerned


Which do you think is the most important for school education at this time?
 Upgrading facilities and classrooms Greater focus on the basics Improving teacher quality and standards More teachers and resources
Do you think there should be more support for technical training?
 Yes No Don’t know
Do you think local schools should be given greater autonomy to make decisions?
 Yes No Don’t know


Are you concerned about job security?
 Yes No
Which of the following do you believe is the best way the Government can support job growth?
 Reducing taxes and red tape on small businesses Building more infrastructure Spending on job training programs Government financial assistance for industry Energy reliability
How concerned are you at Australia’s level of deficit and debt?
 Very concerned Somewhat concerned Not concerned
Which do you think is most important at this time?
 Reducing the tax burden More services and government support Building more infrastructure Reducing government deficit and debt


Do you think the welfare system in Australia is:
 Too generous About right Not generous enough
Do you support the principle of Work for the Dole?
 Yes No Don’t know
Do you support reforms to the child care system?
 Yes No Don’t know


How would you rate the following transport issues?
Our public transport system
 Good Fair Poor
The condition of our roads
 Good Fair Poor
Traffic Congestion
 Good Fair Poor


Should health and hospital funding be significantly increased over time by governments?
 Yes No Don’t know
Do you have private health insurance?
 Yes No
Do you support the Australian Government’s commitment to fully roll out the National Disability Insurance Scheme?

 Yes No Don’t know


Please indicate your view on the Government’s role in reducing carbon emissions. Do you support:

 The current level of action More action Less action Don’t know

If you could improve one aspect of your local environment, what would it be?


Do you undertake volunteer work?

 Yes No

If yes, what type of volunteer work?

Are you involved in any community/sporting groups?

 Yes No

If yes, name of community/sporting groups

Have Your Say

If you could raise one issue in the Federal Parliament, what would it be?


Please select the option which best reflects your current situation:

(If applicable):
Your Occupation

Your industry


Do you have children?

 Yes No

Current education level(s) of children

 Pre school Secondary school Primary school Tertiary


Please select one of the following options: (optional)

I always support the following party:
I usually support the following party:
I don’t support any political party:
 no party


Please complete the following details so that I can keep you informed

Email address:
Phone Number:

How do you prefer to be contacted?